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The City of Vincent would like to welcome you to our community.  We hope that you will be happy here.  We would like to tell you a little bit about our community to make you feel more at home. 


- We encourage everyone to recycle as much as possible.  It is an important part of our environment.  A copy of what is acceptable and not acceptable is viewed here  RECYCLING INFO. The recycle bin is located to the east of City Hall, 104 Arthur Street.


- Garbage pickup is on Mondays.  If there is ever a change because of a holiday, we post it at the city hall building, the city website, New Cooperative Office and the post office.


- There is a stipulation on how much garbage that can be put out.  The limit is no more than two fifty-five gallon trash containers not to exceed seventy-five pounds per container.  If you need to put out additional containers, they must be marked with identifying tags which can be purchased from the City Clerk.  Each tag costs $2.00.  Most of the time you can place your trash bags outside on the curb instead of in a garbage can.  Garbage should be placed by 4:30 a.m. on the curb for pick up.


-Before filling out your application for water service at City Hall, please open a PO Box at the local post office.


- We do require a water utility deposit of $50.00.  Plus a $5 reconnect fee if the water is turned off and must be turned back on to the residence. The deposit fee will show up on your first utility bill that comes out around the first of the month.


- For ease of making your payments, we offer ACH(automatic withdrawal) there is a $1 mthly fee with this option, govpay(online) for credit/debit cards, cash or check. There is a slot located on the west side of City Hall where you can put your payments. Payments are due the 15th of each month, unless the date falls on the weekend, the payment is then due the next business day. There is also a service offered called ‘EYE ON WATER’, which allows you to be able to view your personal water usage each month.  This service costs you a $1/mth.  You can also receive your utility bill by e-mail; just let the city clerk know at the time you are filling out your utility application. WATER UTILITY APPLICATION


- We do require pets to be licensed. The cost is $1 for your pet to be licensed with the city.  It is an annual fee which can be paid to the city clerk. Please have a copy of your pet’s up to date vaccinations when licensing.


-City Code of Ordinances are on the city website ( > Home Tab > City Information) or you can stop by City Hall to review them. The most popular ordinances can be reviewed here ORDINANCES.


-Building permits are required per City Code of Ordinances when a structure is erected, reconstructed, altered or added to. A permit fee of $25 is required along with the application and plan specifications. 


-Our community hall can be rented out to the residents of Vincent as well as those in surrounding communities.  We require a $250 deposit to reserve the date(s), which will be returned after our community hall committee has gone through the hall after your rental. HALL RENTAL INFO


-We do allow fireworks in town, the ordinance can be reviewed here FIREWORKS.


-The City Park is open to all residents, we do not rent the facility.  It can also be used by the renter of the Community Hall. The park closes at 10 p.m.


-City utilities:

            *Mid-American Energy for electric:  888-427-5632

            *Black Hills Energy for gas:  888-890-5554

            *Webster Calhoun for telephone / internet / TV:  515-352-3151


-School District:  Eagle Grove Schools


-Library:  Eagle Grove Memorial Library


-Local businesses of Vincent, list is posted here. BUSINESS LISTING


-If you would like to be on our Volunteer Fire Department please contact Heath Miller, Fire Chief at 515-356-2362


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the City at 356-4365.  We want to help you in any way that we can.  Once again, welcome to our City!


*The City of Vincent Council*


© 2024 City of Vincent

Contact us:

 104 Arthur Street, PO Box 298, Vincent, IA 50594  Phone: 515-356-4365, Fax: 515-356-2199

Click here to email


City Hall Hours: 

Monday, Thursday, Friday: 9 am to 1 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday: 2pm to 6pm


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