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The City of Vincent began moving forward with this project by breaking ground late summer of 2019 to build the street, drainage, sewer and water utilities for the city lots.  This was completed in November 2019, the City of Vincent invites proposals for the construction of new single family housing units for the property locally known as School Street Addition, located on the Southeast corner of 1st Street and Williams in Vincent, Iowa.  The City of Vincent has elected to sell each city lot for $10,000.00.  There are 4 city lots (0.4 acres) for sell at this time. 

Below is the information to submit requests to develop/build on the city lots.


Statement of Intent:

The City of Vincent has prepared a covenant for additional housing within the City of Vincent.  The principal intent of this covenant is to spur the development of new housing opportunities by making land readily available to developers.


Submit written proposals and inquiries to:


                        City of Vincent

                        Attn:  Mayor Lyn Adson

                        PO Box 298

                        Vincent, IA  50594


                        (515) 356-4365



As proposals are received, the city council will meet with interested developers/parties to consider the proposals and negotiate terms of sale. 

Proposals shall include the following, at a minimum:


·         Developer Credentials - identify the legal name and contact information for the proposing entity, the form of company and the names of

          its principal members/partners.


·         Project Experience - identify previous projects completed, including the location and type of project, the costs associated with the project

          and the developer's role in the project.

·         Financial Credentials - list potential financing sources for the project; note that identity of committed funds will be required prior to any



·         Project Proposal - provide a physical description of the project including the type and number of units proposed; the square footage of

          each unit including typical floor plan layouts; the amenities that will be offered; and the general appearance of the development, including

          the type of materials proposed and elevation drawings.


·         Proposed site - provide the general location and portion of land you are proposing for your project as well as a general site plan layout.


·         Timeline or phasing - provide a timeline for your project including any proposed phasing.


·         Budget - provide sources and uses budget for your project, including any proposed new infrastructure.


The City of Vincent reserves the right to amend the request for proposals at any time.  Expenses incurred in the preparation of submittals, presentations and other incidental activities related to this solicitation are solely the responsibility of the respondent. The City of Vincent reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.

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Contact us:

 104 Arthur Street, PO Box 298, Vincent, IA 50594  Phone: 515-356-4365, Fax: 515-356-2199

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City Hall Hours: 

Monday, Thursday, Friday: 9 am to 1 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday: 2pm to 6pm


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