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The city of Vincent is located 12 miles northeast of Fort Dodge, Iowa in Webster County.  Covering about 176 acres.  Populations is 130.


Vincent City Hall

104 Arthur Street

PO Box 298

Vincent, IA 50594

Phone: (515)356-4365  Fax: (515)356-2199


In 1887, a railroad promotor, Hamilton Browne, bought 40 acres of land from the John Marshall farm.  He platted the land and offered lots to the public.  They were acquired rapidly and new additions were added.  The new town was named after Vincent Webb, well known in the Vincent and Fort Dodge areas as a gypsum pioneer.


At one time, Vincent was a booming little town.  The business district boasted of several stores, two elevators, two banks, a hotel, a livery stable, a blacksmith shop, creamery, telephone office, restaurant and an opera house.  They were proud of having a dentist-doctor.


With the era of the automobile, and the move to the cities that came with the prosperity following the great depression, the number of residents dwindled and many of the businesses vanished.


In 1895 the population was 106, and preparations got underway to incorporate the town.  It was finally incorporated in 1898.

Vincent has always had a mayor-council type government.  The first Mayor was William Harding.  The present Mayor is Lyn Adson, City Clerk is Sarah Geisinger and Council members are Brian Mickelson, Michel Fransen, Heath Miller, Donovan Adson, and Mayor ProTemp John Fransen. 


For more interesting Vincent History please stop by and see the memorabilia room located in City Hall.



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